A New Faux-Neon Sign Solution

Jeff Sherman
7 min readNov 4, 2022

Not all faux-neon (LED) signs are the same.

Faux-neon signs are now available for businesses and consumers to purchase. However, the signs' quality, material, and dimensions are hardly the same.

The faux neon signs you can buy through us at faux-neon.com are the latest and greatest 3rd and 4th generation faux-neon. Our signs are truly technologically different.

Faux-neon (LED) signs have come a long way from the rope lighting of the 1990s. Faux-neon uses low-voltage LEDs to create the appearance of a neon sign — with this comes many benefits. Unlike traditional neon, faux-neon lettering can be produced in almost any shape with unique coloration and even color-changing RGB patterns.

A few questions and answers, and key points are below.

Is a traditional neon sign better than a faux-neon sign?

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to attract the attention of customers to your business is by bright lights and an eye-catching sign outside your store. By nature, humans are attracted to visuals. An effective sign is guaranteed to garner attention.

If you are looking for the most energy-efficient lighting or signage option, then LED faux-neon signs are for you. They use less secondary power than neon. An LED faux-neon sign is the clear choice. It can be up to 1efficient than the sign made with glass neon tubes. Versatility — LED lights come in a much wider range of colors. Additionally, the design of the sign can be bent more tightly. This will give your sign: better options for the shape and your sign’s message.

Neon signs were initially a favorite amongst business owners for advertising, but the faux-neon market has now taken over. In this information below: we aim to go into a detailed discussion educating you on the key differences between both sign types. So, you decide which sign type is most suitable.

Consumer Signage: Faux-neon signs are now readily available. They have become “art” and have been used as home decor. Safe to use. They make a statement about yourself and personal hobbies. Brighter and three-dimensional faux-neon signs can be seen for those entering your room or home.

What are LED lights?



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