Put John Adams and Mike Prince on your 2024 election prep list

Jeff Sherman
2 min readNov 12, 2023

To understand the past, we must research it and learn from it. To move boldly into the future, we must not only learn from the past but creatively expand our horizons while growing as people. Too often, this all flies out the window with it comes to voting, elections, and politics.

So, today, I’m here to help. I suggest you put two shows on your watch list:

John Adams on HBO

Billions on Showtime

Massively different types of shows, of course. Yet, both provide insights, context and background for us all as we analyze and decide where our country should go and who we should vote for. Neither show will provide clarity, and obviously “Billions” is fiction. “Billions’” final season has a character, Mike Prince, who is worth putting some thought into and seeing through whatever political lens you wear.

Fictional candidate, Mike Prince

And, while you may know John Adams’ place in history — you’ll learn through his personality, passion and persistence. You’ll also quickly notice how the early congress was full of difference and debate — something many forget. Also … as you’ll note in the series— the media and opposition take downs were, even in 1778, maybe not all that different than today.

“John Adams” is on HBO Max.

Anyway, no deep dive analysis here — I’ll let you do that on your own.

Prepare to vote in 2024 as you will, but I’m certain that you’ll find interesting insights in these two shows.

Enjoy. 🗳️



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