How do you get your news?

Jeff Sherman
2 min readJun 6, 2023

With information, reporting, and content everywhere and available at any time from everyone, “the news” is an ever-complex and constantly changing beast.

I’ve worked in and around media for most of my career, and recently thought to myself — where do I get my news?

So, here it goes. Use as you will.

Joshua Rawson-Harris


To begin, daily I start with my curated Twitter feed and old-school interactions with people on other platforms like LinkedIn and Threads — these are great sources to find out what’s happening now and what people I’m connected to care about.

Next, I look at and read the following:

Wall Street Journal
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
New York Times
Milwaukee Business Journal
620 WTMJ


Increasingly, newsletters are an important media go-to for me. I love the following:

Semafor Business
Semafor Media

photo: Jon Tyson


The Circus
Real Time with Bill Maher
Real Sports with Bryant Gumble
60 Minutes


NPR’s Planet Money
On with Kara Swisher
Experience Milwaukee

photo: Kane Reinholdtsen

Check regularly, but not daily


Urban Milwaukee
Milwaukee Record
As Goes Wisconsin
TechEd Podcast
Milwaukee Magazine


Washington Post
The Athletic
The Atlantic
CBS Sunday Morning

Of course, there are other podcasts in my feed, including The Town, which — even though I’m not a big Hollywood news guy, I really enjoy and learn from.

Finally, Post and Artifact have made — especially in the past few months — news consumption way easier. I highly recommend both.



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