5 Milwaukee Principles the World Needs Now

Jeff Sherman
2 min readJul 31, 2023

This is a draft … but, it’s time to share it.

I truly believe in my community, greater Milwaukee.

It’s a gem and is positioned nicely in the middle of the United States in the Midwest. So, it’s neither New York (East Coast) nor Los Angeles (West Coast), but rather a city perched on its own Fresh Coast on Lake Michigan.

Maybe you’ve been here, maybe not. I’ve lived here all my life and learned, grown, and constantly remained in awe of what’s here. It’s not perfect, no city or area is. But, it’s unique and full of hope and inspiration — wisdom, even.

You should experience greater Milwaukee. And, to help you do so — or at least to help you export some of our ideas to your city — I’ve framed a new presentation titled “Milwaukee Principles the World Needs Now.”

Here are the first several slides.

To be continued …



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